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When you’re in the grip of addiction, it can feel like there’s no way out and nothing you can do. 

The same holds true if it’s a loved one battling addiction. 

However, here at InnerVision Recovery, LLC, we can help you to overcome substance abuse

It’s important to note that addiction, while terrible, is a symptom. Treating the symptom in isolation may help for a moment. However, over time, the addiction will probably return.

That’s why it’s so critical to deal with what’s causing the addiction. 

We focus on the underlying traumas, that cause the addiction. 

That way, you can ultimately lead the healthy, happy, and sober life that you want. 

Licensed Substance Abuse Facility

When it comes to helping with substance abuse in Southern California, we know that you have many options to choose from. 

That’s just one reason why we do everything that we can to stand out from the rest. 

Each of our professionals is exactly that: professional. 

Therapists, counselors, medical professionals, even the chefs -- everyone here at InnerVision Recovery, LLC has the training and experience to provide lasting help.


We didn’t name our facility “InnerVision Recovery, LLC” on a whim. 

For us to live up to the name, we have to be a jewel among other substance abuse detox and rehab facilities. 

You’ll find top-notch amenities here. Everything from physical exercise to therapy and more, all overseen by some of the top experts. 

By having so many different amenities available, we’re able to put together a treatment plan that better suits your needs. 

Perhaps you respond better to yoga than massage, or group therapy than individual therapy, or anything else - our pros can devise a plan that fits you to a “T.”