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Relapse prevention is why most people seek treatment. By the time most individuals seek help, they have already tried to quit on their own and they are looking for a better solution. At our addiction treatment center, we do everything in our power to make sure that our clients are able to be in a position to prevent relapse.

So many of the people who come to Inner Vision have gone to another facility and relapsed. We help them to find those underlying traumas, that which their addictions are a symptom of. Then, our trained professionals work with them to overcome those traumas and, by extension, their addictions. We utilize many different methods of relapse prevention.

Coping Skills for Emergencies

One of the main ways we can help our patients is by helping them to develop and strengthen coping skills for when they leave our facility. The truth is that there will always be temptation, there will always be the possibility of relapse. But, by having a wide repertoire of coping skills, our patients will be able to abstain even during high risk situations, emergencies, and more. The journey of recovery is a long one that is anything but easy. However, we have a proven track record of helping folks to avoid relapsing after coming to our facility.

Reinforcement and Positivity

For so many who walk through our doors, they’re so used to abusing substances so as to feel better, to cope. Thus, much of our work is centered around helping patients to find healthier ways to feel good. Developing healthy diet plans, exercise, social skills, and so much more are central to what we do. That way, people leave Inner Vision knowing how to make themselves feel good and stay that way in a healthy, positive fashion. We see this as one more way we can empower those struggling with addiction.

An Addiction Treatment Center that’s Ready to Help

Preventing relapse can seem onerous, even impossible. However, it’s not. It is possible to lead a healthy, happy, and positive life sober. We can help you to take the necessary steps to do that. It won’t happen overnight or all at once, but if you take the process one day at a time, you (or someone you love) really can do it. To see how our relapse prevention services can help, you can reach us at (323) 338-8931.