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Each individual is different. Therefore, we tailor our program based on the individual's needs.

You’ve made it through detox.

You’re clean. You’re ready. Now what? 

For many, the next step is our intensive outpatient treatment

Here, you can get the help you need while also being able to go home each night. 

This is perfect for those who may not be able to set their home life or job aside so that they can take the next steps on their journey of sober living. 

Even though you may be in our facility “part-time,” there’s nothing “partial” about the treatment you’ll receive here.

At InnerVision Recovery, LLC, our trained, expert staff will put together a treatment plan that’s right for you.

How Intensive Outpatient Treatment Works

Everyone’s intensive outpatient experience, like their bodies, is different. 

However, for many, you’ll come here in the morning, go through any number of therapy, treatments, and more, and then return home in the evening. 

Of course, where possible, we do everything in our power to work around your schedule. 

That way, you can get the treatment you need while still living the life that you want.

What You Can Expect

Getting sober is an important first step, but it’s just that: the first step. 

Here at InnerVision Recovery, LLC, we want to empower our patients to be able to lead healthy, happy, sober lives long after they have left. 

That means not just treating the addictions, but treating what’s underneath, what’s causing them. 

Through that, we can achieve real, lasting change. 

Of course, when you’re here, you won’t just be going through therapy. 

That’s a major part of what we do here. Our therapists are experienced and highly qualified, but we also empower you to develop the kinds of skills that will allow you to live sober and happy. 

That means living healthy through diet and exercise, positive hobbies, social skills, building a positive community, and so much more.

Intensive Outpatient that Emphasizes the "Intensive"

Some might think that, in comparison to inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment is somehow “lesser.” Sure, you might not be here as long in the course of a day, but, you’re still getting the maximum, specific treatment for your needs. 

For example, we have group therapy sessions that dig deep. You’ll see people who are going through everything you are. By interacting with each other in a safe, supportive environment, you can be a part of a community that truly cares for one another.

Ongoing Treatment

Treatment plans differ in terms of therapy, activities, as well as length in addition to so many other factors. 

So, when you come to InnerVision Recovery, LLC, you’re a part of our community. That doesn’t end after a given time frame. Indeed, so much of what we do is centered around helping folks to be able to live a healthy, happy, and sober life after their treatment as well. 

When you’re here, we can help you to build a lasting foundation for what you want the rest of your life to be. Then, when you go home at night, you can put that to good use. To take that all-important first step: (323) 338-8931.

Addiction to Alcohol or Drugs

Addiction to Alcohol or other drugs is considered a spectrum disorder, meaning the condition can be classified as mild, moderate, or severe. Outpatient rehab programs work best for those with mild or moderate substance abuse symptoms.