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Dual Diagnosis

A person with dual diagnosis has both a mental disorder and an alcohol or drug problem. These conditions occur together frequently. About half of people who have a mental disorder will also have a substance use disorder at some point in their lives and vice versa.

What are the treatments for Dual Diagnosis?

Someone with a dual diagnosis must treat both conditions. For the treatment to be effective, you need to stop using alcohol or drugs. Treatments may include behavioral therapies and medicines. Also, support groups can give you emotional and social support. They are also a place where people can share tips about how to deal with day-to-day challenges.

The Importance of Dual Diagnosis Care

Simply put, when someone has mental health concerns as well as addictions, they both have to be treated at the same time. Otherwise, one could be exacerbated. In time, any progress made on one would be negated by the other.

For example, imagine a patient who suffers from depression in addition to alcoholism. Treating the alcoholism in isolation could seem beneficial, at least for a while. Yet, after some time, almost invariably, when the patient becomes depressed, they’ll return to alcohol.

By that same token, treating the depression could pay dividends. Yet, so long as the patient continues abusing alcohol to excess, the odds of them continuing to be depressed are very high. Dual diagnosis helps with this. Instead of ignoring one of the two, it deals with them both at the exact same time. That way, a person could get treatment for both concurrently, thus putting them in a position to be able to make real progress on both.

Dual Diagnosis Experts

Someone in need of dual diagnosis treatment cannot be treated the same (or with the same treatment plans) as another patient. We understand this. That’s just one of the reasons that we have a staff with years of experience in dual diagnosis treatment. That way, no matter what our patients are struggling with when they arrive at Inner Vision, we’ll be able to provide them with the treatment that can meet their needs.

How Our Addiction Treatment Center Can Help

You may have read to this point and wondered: “I don’t know if I need dual diagnosis” or “I can’t tell if my loved one would be a good fit for dual diagnosis” or something similar. It’s not something that you have to determine on your own. When you or someone you care about arrives here, you’ll undergo a thorough medical evaluation. There, our staff will determine whether dual diagnosis is the right plan for you or if there’s another, better way to treat you. To start the process: (323) 338-8931.