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Leaving our facility is only the beginning. Once you’ve become part of the InnerVision Recovery, LLC community, you’ll always be a part of it. That’s why we do everything we can to prepare you for your life once you’ve walked through our doors for good. Preventing relapse is one of the most important challenges that a facility like ours can prepare someone for. Of course, the goal isn’t just “to avoid relapse.” It’s to lead a healthy and happy life. That’s exactly what our aftercare planning programs can do.

What Aftercare Planning Consists Of

Much of aftercare here at InnerVision Recovery, LLC is really about providing support. Remember that emotional or psychological relapse takes place before chemical relapse. This support, from experienced professionals, can help you to lead a better, more productive life. If you’re like so many, when you were battling addiction, it was hard to have the kind of life (to say nothing of career) that you wanted.

Aftercare that Starts Long Before You Leave

We don’t just start talking to you about what’s going to happen when you leave Inner Vision shortly before that occurs. Rather, it starts at the very beginning. Everything we do here is centered around the idea of helping you to lead the life you want after your time with us is over.

To that end, we help everyone who walks through our doors to better develop healthy coping strategies. You may always have cravings and temptation, but we work with you to develop and strengthen the kinds of skills that will keep you in control so that you can ultimately live your life in a manner you see fit.

What Aftercare Consists Of

From eating healthy diets, effective and safe exercise, social skills that may have atrophied, and so many others, we work with our patients to have everything they need the moment they leave Inner Vision.

The Doors are Always Open

Here at Inner Vision, we have a community we’ve built. Once you’ve come to Inner Vision, you are a part of that community. That doesn’t change just because your treatment here has come to an end.

We work to develop lasting support with our patients. That way, we’re able to help them to better stay on their feet and be in a position to get everything out of their sobriety as well as their lives. To take the next step, you can reach us at