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About Big Bear Lake

When you ask folks what they know about “Big Bear Lake,” they’re more likely than not to say: “skiing.” Sure, Big Bear Lake is a wonderful place to ski. However, there’s so much more to the area than that. There’s a majestic, timeless beauty to this place. It’s far enough away from the rest of Southern California that it feels like it’s an entirely other world. However, it’s also close enough that you’re never really all that far away from the city, either. Here at Inner Vision, we chose to build our community in Big Bear Lake because it was the perfect place for a rehab: secluded, secure, surrounded by beauty, and perfect for reflection.

A Place for All Seasons

Yes, many know Big Bear Lake as a ski resort. However, people come to vacation here during every season. During the warm summer months, many come here to ride their kayaks and canoes in the cool water. When it’s not the perfect place to ski, it’s the perfect place to fish and swim. Why did we mention all of that? Because we can incorporate that into your recovery. Often, we’ve found that those struggling with addiction don’t realize how much the success of their recovery depends upon ways of making themselves feel good in healthy, positive ways. That’s one of the most important ways that we use the Big Bear Lake environment for the betterment of our patients. Here, we have all kinds of outdoor activities and excursions to help you to feel better today, while learning the sorts of activities and skills that you can take with you so that you’ll feel better tomorrow as well.

The Outdoors at Inner Vision

For many, a significant portion of the recovery journey is personal reflection. Big Bear Lake is perfect for that. Walks on the grounds, going through the forest, on brisk mornings and warm nights. Big Bear Lake is, in many ways, the apex of America’s natural beauty. When you’re here, you can take it all in. Precious few other treatment facilities are surrounded by a fraction as much natural beauty as ours is.

A Place for All Seasons

No matter what time of year you’re reading this, in winter, summer, spring, or fall, Big Bear Lake is gorgeous. The perfect time to start your recovery is today. Whether you’re dealing with addiction, mental health concerns, or both, we can help. 

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